Professional event photography conveys the message, atmosphere and emotions of an event. In order for this to succeed optimally, some hints and suggestions:

A good briefing for the event photographer always pays off. The photographer should know what the goal of the event is, what motif wishes you have and how the pictures should be used. Provide the photographer with the course of the event in writing, possibly with "direction instructions", before the event. Otherwise, it is not decisive whether the briefing takes place by phone, e-mail or in a personal conversation. In any case, however, there should still be some time for arrangements and a site visit immediately before the start of the event.

The event photographer is your partner who contributes to the success of the event. The pictures often have a much longer effect than the event itself. Use the skills of the event photographer and discuss with him how you can optimize the conditions for beautiful pictures. Good cooperation between organizer, event agency, technology service provider and photographer is the best prerequisite for excellent results.

Image quality
Even if digital photography has now reached a very high standard, a professional result can hardly be achieved without image processing based on the raw data. Only in this way, for example, color distortions can be corrected without loss of quality and the lighting mood can be optimally reproduced. Therefore, clarify with the event photographer whether the event photos are digitally developed and optimized.

Personal rights and data protection
Make sure that the personal rights or data protection interests of your guests are protected. For example, guests must be informed in an appropriate way that photography is carried out, how the pictures are stored and where they are published. In the event of an incident, it may also be useful and necessary to have a corresponding consent confirmed in writing by the participants of an event. An experienced event photographer supports and advises you on this point and will never use pictures of your guests for their own advertising purposes without being asked. (More information about data protection here)

Press photos
If you need images for current reporting or social media use, discuss with the photographer when and how he can make the photos available to you. Specialized event photographers can hand over press photos directly to you on site or put them online.

Name the duration of use and the requirements for your request as precisely as possible so that the photographer can make you a tailor-made offer. When comparing the offers, make sure that all services and additional costs, such as the journey, the selection and processing of the image data and above all the required rights of use, are already included.
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